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Oct 24, 2017 | Posted by Gerry

Match Play Champions 2017

Tangle Creek Golf & Country Club

Congratulations 2017 Match Play Champions


Gross Division

Champion:                               Mike Hamilton  

Runner-Up:                              Brad Greenside 


Net Division

Champion:                               Colin Underhill

Runner Up:                              Ron Anthony       


2-Man Division

Champions:                             Justin Rydell & Steph Quenneville

Runner-Up:                              Gerry Pickett & Gary Warner


Senior Division

Champion:                               Otto Koopmans

Runner-Up:                              John Jeffery

Sep 28, 2017 | Posted by Gerry

Grip and Sip the Champagne or Beer

Tangle Creek Summary of Playoff Points

Team Name

Initial Pts.


Game 1 Pts.

Game 2 Pts.

Game 3 Pts.

Game 4 Pts.



Grip It & Sip It  









Droppin A Deuce









D J Stairs









Best Balls in Golf









Who’s Your Caddy









The Green Gang









The Wrecking Balls









No Fore Play










I was thinking about starting this summary by crying about the fact that team “No Fore Play” went from the Penthouse, in the season-long race, to the Basement in the Playoffs.

However; I must accentuate the positive and begin by extending congratulations to team “Grip it & Sip it” on winning the four-game Playoffs Series. As you can see from the stats above, the team was very consistent throughout all four games. They place 4th, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the four games. It was a combination of good play and good participation.  These boys will now get their name on the perpetual trophy and also be invited to a dinner at the White House with the President, if they chose to accept. I can see Brad Kennedy refusing to attend and protesting by taking a knee.

It is interesting to note that team “Droppin a Deuce” almost pulled of the Playoffs by winning 1800 points in Game 4. Unfortunately, the team had too many “no shows” in the playoffs to capture 1st place. Only 29 participation points in 4 games. However, the 9 lads who played last night will share in the team win. Each player will receive $25.

Low Gross Winners: ($25 each)

A Flight: There was a 2-way tie for 1st Place between Kerry Howe and Brad Greenside with scores of 35. Brad won by Retrogression over Kerry with a Bogey on #15.

B Flight: David Morland had a great game and shot 37 to win B Flight.

C Flight: Dan Decosse shot 40 to win C Flight. This has to be one of the best scores in C Flight this year.

D Flight: Jay Simmons shot had a terrific game shooting 40 to win his division.


On-Course Competitions:

Closest to the Pin #12 was won by Scott Lajeunesse. Scott’s ball landed about 9 inches from the pin and stopped within 20 inches. Yes! That was INSIDE the Circle so Scott claims $150 for that fine shot. Congratulations Scott!

Closest to the Pin #16: Another great shot just outside the circle at 2” 9”. Congratulations David Howell, you are $25 richer.

MacKenzie had a very good game yesterday. His driver and putter was on point. Mack won the Longest Drive for A/B Flight which was sponsored by United Lumber Home Hardware….do you think Mack knows what a hammer is used for. He also won Longest Putt on Hole # 18. I know he can use this $25 gift card to the Keg.

Gary Warner has been fighting his game lately, however, he managed to get one drive on the short grass yesterday to win Longest Drive for C/D Flight. ($25 Gift Card to United Lumber Home Hardware.)

Longest Putt on Hole # 17 was won by Brad Paproski. ($25 gift card to Casa Mia). How to show up those young guns Brad.

Kevin Smith always seems to get his name on a Proxy and yesterday was no exception. Kevin hit a shot down the middle to win closest to OLD TOM. Kevin probably doesn’t need a Free Oil Change since he works at BMW, however, he will have to re-gift his winnings to friends or neighbours.



A Flight: Pot was $70 and there were 3 skins @ $23 each: David Howell, Ernie Vetesse and Braydon White.

B Flight: Pot was $112 and there were 4 skins @ $28 each: Ian Brown, Ged Langlois, Aaron Matheson and Eric Penney.

C Flight: Pot was $59.50 and there were 3 skins @ $20 each. Dan Decosse, Sylvain Desroches and Gerry Pickett.

D Flight: Pot was $66.50 and there were 2 skins @ $33 each. Al Jones and Jay Simmons.


Lucky Draw: Gary Warner and Serge Diamanti. Congratulations gentlemen!



A Flight ($130 in the pot and I paid 2 places)

2-way tie 1st with a score of 28 Braydon White and Taylor Beckstead.( $65 each)


B Flight: ($190 in the Pot and I paid 3 places)

3-way tie for 1st place with a score of 32)

Don Gilmour, MacKenzie Cuthbert and Bruce Devenz. ($65 each)


C Flight: ($230 in the Pot and I paid 3 places)

1st Place Corey Pellerin scored 28, $100, 2nd Place Sylvain Desroches shot 32, $80 and 3rd Place Gerry Pickett shot 33, $50.


D Flight: ($60 in the Pot and I paid 3 places)

All 3 were tied with a score of 37.

Stephen Gage, Steph Quenneville and Paul Rastas ($20 each)


This is the final BLOG of the season so I want to say, “THANK YOU” to all of you for your participation throughout the summer. From my perspective, the Men’s League was very successful because of your support. I hope all of you will return for the 2018 season! As usual, I welcome all suggestions on ways to improve the League.


Sep 21, 2017 | Posted by Gerry

DJ Stairs take their 1st Step

Game 3 of the Playoffs is in the books and team “D J Stairs” have finally broken the spell and captured their 1st team win of the entire season. They have been playing well lately and now they have finally done it. Captain, Andrew Curran, was a leader yesterday and posted a great score of 33, “tied for the best of the day”. Ryan MacDonald also contributed to the gross side with a score of 36 followed by Brad Paproski with 38. It was the NET scores that were mainly responsible for the victory. Stephen Boylen and Glenn Partridge each shot 31, followed by Mike Curran and Tony Auchincloss with scores of 32 and 34 respectively. The win netted all the boys who played $22.

Coming in 2nd place was team “Grip It and Sip It 2”. They were 5 strokes behind with a score of 238. This team has been “on fire” lately and are, in my opinion, the team to watch for in the final game of the season next Wednesday.

Here are the standings with one game remaining in the playoffs. Any team can still win but naturally the top three or four teams are favored. There are 4000 points available next week with 1800 going to the winning team..you can do the math. (Points distribution for game 4 are; 1800, 1200, 800, 500, 250, 200, 150 and 100).


Tangle Creek League Playoffs Standings



Initial Points

Points Won





DJ Stairs







Grip It and Sip It 2







Who’s Your Caddy







The Wrecking Balls







No Fore Play







The Green Gang







Droppin A Deuce







Best Balls In Golf







Summary of Skins:

A Flight: Just one skin went to Taylor Beckstead with an EAGLE on # 7. $80.

B Flight: 2 @ $68 each. Serge Diamanti #9 and Brad Kennedy # 5.

C Flight: 4 @ $16 each. Mark Campbell # 6, Duncan Kirk # 3, Chris LaCroix # 9 and Al Elliott # 1.

D Flight: 3 @ $21 each. Ron Aqwa # 9 and “believe it or not” John Lockhart won two skins on holes #3 and #4. This is John’s 1st smell of the cash this season.


Who were the hot shooters yesterday? Wow! Those scores are the among the best of the season.

A Flight was won by Andrew Curran with a gross score of 33. That will teach Beckstead to not count his chickens before they are hatched. Nice 34 Taylor but not good enough.

B Flight was won by Brad Kennedy. He was keeping up “with the Jones’ yesterday when he posted a score of 33. Brad is one of the guys who is on the border of A and B Flight.

C Flight: Never thought I would write his name in this category, but, the winner of C Flight was Tangle’s very own Assistant Super, Duncan Kirk with a score of 38. Duncan’s game has been hot lately.

D Flight was won by Ron Aqwa with a score of 41. Beat the hell out of a lot of guys in A and B Flight. Ron is a new name in the winner’s circle because he is not a frequent flyer.


The ON-COURSE competition winners:

Starting with the Lucky Draw. The 1st name out of the hat was Ruben Bergey followed by Gerry Pickett. ($25 each).


Closest to the Pins: Peter Coon # 4 (3’ 1”). Rick Bianco # 8 (6’ 3”) ($25 cash each).


Longest Drive A/B Division was won by Adam Vollick. I know how to read so I have to believe it. I have played with Adam and I have yet to see him hit the Fairway off the tee so I guess it was another TC Miracle. (Gift Card to United Lumber).


Longest Drive C/D Division was won by Andrew Curran. Probably used a 3-wood.


Longest Putts holed: Eric Penney # 7 (Gift Card to the Keg) and Mark Campbell # 6. ($25 cash).



A Division, Handicap Range +4 to 3: (29 golfers)

Brad Greenside won 1st place with a score of 28. ($75)

The following 4 players tied for 2nd Place with a score of 29.

Andrew Curran, Taylor Beckstead, Curtis Conrad and Shawn Curran. ($20 each).


B Division, Handicap Range 4 to 7: (45 golfers)

There was a tie for 1st Place: Peter Coon and Tony Viverios with a score of 30. ($75 each).

The following 6 players tied for 3rd Place with a score of 31. ($20 each)

Mike White, Joey Drover, David Morland, Mike Mattsson, Rick Bianco and Brad Kennedy.


C Division, Handicap Range 8 to 12: (42 golfers)

Gary Warner won 1st Place with a score of 31. ($90)

There was a Tie for 2nd place with a score of 33. Glenn Young and Glenn Partridge. ($45 each)

The 4th Place winner was Gary Manuel with a score of 34. ($20)


D Division, Handicap Range 13 to 36: (10 golfers)

Ruben Bergey and Steph Quenneville tied for 1st Place with a score of 37. ($30 each).


That’s it for this week.

Thank you for playing and I will see you at the Scramble on Sunday. Please be at the course by 1:30 PM.

The 4th and final game of the season is Wednesday, September 27th.

Sep 15, 2017 | Posted by Gerry

Reeves ACES it!

The big winners yesterday were Mike Reeves and Aaron Matheson who each pocketed $500 after drawing the Ace of Spades. Congratulations gentlemen and thanks for shouting a round for the boys.

Two other golfers who were lucky were Drew Grant and Justin Rydell. They both had their name drawn to win $25. Once again, it could have been a solo win for Drew if only he had stayed in the lounge until the draw was complete. Justin says thanks for leaving.

The weather was beautiful throughout the day on Wednesday and it resulted in some great scores. In the team event “Grip It and Sip 2” crushed all opponents with a total of 249 points to capture the Team win for $21 each. The 2nd place team was DJ Stairs so they will each receive $5 towards next week entry fee. "Grip It and Sip It 2" also jumped into first place in the Play Off race with 814 points. Team “No Fore Play” was relegated to second place with a total of 623 points and in third place with 534 points is team “D J Stairs”.

There are still lots of points remaining for game three and four and any team can jump into the lead. Well, maybe it will be a tough climb for team “Droppin a Deuce” because they did not even have enough golfers out on Wednesday to qualify for the event. A team must have a minimum of 7 players to count in the weekly team competition.

In the Individual Low Gross competition, there were some really good scores.

Adam Peckham continues his hot hand and shot 35 to win A Flight. Adam also dropped a deuce on hole 17 to win a skin. Well done Adam!

Tony Van Der Valk scored a 6 on hole 18 to win by Retrogression over Brad Kennedy who finished with a Birdie. Both guys shot 38.

Bill Colvin shot 45 to win C Flight. Congrats Bill!

The surprise of the day was the game of Don MacDonald who shot a score of 40 to win D Flight. Don is getting into form for the Presidents Cup.


A Flight: 4 skins @ $14 each: Don Gilmour, Scott Lajeunesse, Adam Peckham and Colin Underhill.

B Flight: 1 skin @ $122. David Morland (What a great win!)

C Flight: 4 skins @ $10 each: Brad Armstrong, Wayne Cerny and Bill Colvin with 2 skins.

D Flight: 2 skins @ $45 each: Keith Sommerville and Nick Stimac.


ON-Course Winners:

Closest to Old Tom: Bob Schofield ($25 cash)

Closest to the Pin #12: Don Menard (Mr. Lube Oil Change)

Closest to the pin #16: Tony Van Der Valk (Gift Card Casa Mia Restaurant)

Longest Drive A/B: Brad Kennedy ($25 cash)

Longest Drive C/D: Duncan Kirk ($25 cash)

Longest Putt #11: Andrew Curran (Gift Card Home Hardware)

Longest Putt # 15: Scott Lajeunesse (Gift Card to The Keg)


NOTE: Since we have only two more regular games remaining in the Play Offs we will NOT be starting another Chase the Ace. However, we will be doing a Chase the Ace at the Scramble on Sunday, Sept 24th.


NOTE 2: The scramble is scheduled for Sunday, September 24th at 2:00 pm. If you are playing you need to let me know asap. You can register as an individual, a two-some, three-some or foursome. I need the info to get the day organized and to advise the kitchen staff of the number of participants.

Thanks, and I will see you next Wednesday, September 20th. Please make a special effort to get out and support your team.


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  Men's Night Sponsors:

Nike Golf

Home Hardware

Casa Mia Restaurant

Thank you Kosta!

Thank You Eric Penny

Money List
Pos. Name Winnings
1 Ryan MacDonald $594.08
2 Gary Perry $288.37
3 Adam Peckham $275.5
4 Brad Greenside $272.6
5 Serge Diamanti $256.41
6 Gary Warner $237.25
7 Greg Farrow $229.5
8 Rob Gatward $228.38
9 Ally Edwardson $228.14
10 Jake Chase $225.59
11 Corey Pellerin $218.42
12 Brad Armstrong $210.8
13 Matthew Rice $204
14 Steph Quenneville $201.31
15 Scott Lajeunesse $199
16 David Howell $177.2
17 David Morland $176.38
18 Robert King $172.5
19 Taylor Beckstead $171.42
20 Bradley Kennedy $164.42
21 Gerry Pickett $159.49
22 Nick Leigh $159.17
23 Bill Colvin $158.43
24 Bob Schofield $155
25 Eric Penney $150.1
26 MacKenzie Cuthbert $143.63
27 Justin Rydell $138.19
28 Peter Coon $137.5
29 Shawn Curran $136.63
30 Gerald Langlois $134
31 Glen Partridge $133.25
32 Paul Rastas $132.77
33 Tony Morano $132.75
34 Andrew Curran $128.38
35 John Christie $126.5
36 Braydon White $125.46
37 Mark Campbell $124.88
38 Jim Greenside $123.51
39 Al Jones $123.41
40 Joey Drover $123.22
41 Cody Dunphy $121
42 Nick Bain $120.35
43 Keith Sommerville $120.17
44 Roger Lowe $119.46
45 Ron Anthony $119.25
46 Mike Lawson $113.63
47 Tony Viveiros $112.3
48 Les Ham $108.13
49 Don MacDonald $107.8
50 Tyler Ratuszny $107.38
51 Ruben Bergey $104.28
52 Ed Donnelly $104.08
53 Jaret Wright $103.75
54 Ernie Vettese $103.46
55 Sylvain Desroches $100.83
56 Kevin Smith $99.88
57 John Lockhart $98
58 Rich Edmonds $96.17
59 Adam Vollick $95.38
60 Keith Jones $95
61 Nick Stimac $91.5
62 Brad Paproski $89.67
63 Thomas Fragomeni $88.88
64 Dan Decosse $88.53
65 Bruce Devenz $87.68
66 Mike White $86.45
67 Colin Underhill $85.17
68 Steve Latanville $84.25
69 Cutris Conrad $84.05
70 Keith Bennitz $81.13
T71 Wade Conrad $81
T71 Ian Brown $81
73 Shaun Howard $80.26
74 Jay Simmons $79.25
75 Tony Auchincloss $78.5
76 Wayne Cerny $77.88
77 Al Assance $77.13
78 Bryan Currie $75.17
79 Paul Hudson $75
80 Rock Belanger $74.67
81 Drew Grant $71.88
82 Aaron Matheson $71
83 Don Gilmour $68.26
84 Matt Christie $68.25
85 Michael Muir $65
86 John Bureau $64.2
87 Duncan Kirk $61.75
88 Stephen Boylen $61.38
89 Mike Hamilton $57.75
90 Edward Devlin $56.99
91 Chris Lacroix $56.13
92 Sean Levasseur $56
93 Al Elliott $54.25
94 Curtis Sweeney $53
95 Keith Running $50.67
T96 Lucas McCarville $50
T96 Stan Petronski $50
98 Rick Bianco $49.5
99 Cory MacKenzie $49
100 Marty Grant $48.33
T101 Rick Mutuchky $47
T101 Mike Reeves $47
T101 Taylor Dusome $47
104 Brian Good $46.2
T105 Peter Madden $46
T105 Ron Aqwa $46
T105 Barrett Reid $46
108 Warren Edge $44.83
109 Dave Brewer $43.17
110 Don Menard $42
T111 Dan Stuart $40
T111 Kosta Apostolou $40
113 Peter Legace $39.67
114 Adam McNamara $36.75
T115 Ty Gautier $33.2
T115 Glenn Newell $33.2
T117 Stef Aust $28.7
T117 Mike Mattsson $28.7
119 Bob Frolic $25
T120 Frank Petronski $22
T120 Otto Koopmans $22
T120 Mike Curran $22
T120 Dave Lawson $22
T124 Max Rivera $21
T124 John McGill $21
T124 Wolf Mayerholfer $21
T124 Tony Vandervalk $21
T124 Mike Ervin $21
T124 Andy Mosco $21
T130 Kerry Howe $15
T130 Gary Manuel $15
T130 Glenn Young $15
T133 Jim Gerhart $0
T133 Don Hinde $0
T133 Stephen Gage $0
T133 Greg Brett $0
T133 Andy Bower $0
T133 Mark Wilson $0
T133 Mark Wretham $0
Total Payout $13457.77